20 April 2011

App Review: Seamless

This morning I received an email from the guys at MacHeist about an app for iPhone, iPod and Mac. The app is called Seamless and was created by the peeps at FiveDetails.com. Based on the quick description of the app on the homepage I was immediately intrigued. Seamless is an app that allows you to transition music that you are currently playing in iTunes on your Mac to your iPhone or iPod touch with one easy click. What that basically means that if you were enjoying an album while busy on your Mac and you had to run off to a meeting or whatever is on your schedule, you could, with one easy click transition that very point where you're at in the album to your iPhone/iPod touch and continue listening in the car or while walking etc.

This is such a cool app that I'm sure will come in handy. And at 99cents it's a steal! The setup is so quick and easy. All that needs to be done is to pair the iPhone/iPod touch with your mac. Once that is done, whatever music is currently playing on your Mac will be displayed on the app's home screen. Thereafter you need just click the "Transition Music " button and it's done, that easy! The only catch is you need to be connected to a local network though. The app needs to be downloaded from both the iTunes and MacApp stores, I've added links to the stores below. Enjoy!

Associated Links:
Seamless iTunes Link
Seamless MacApp Store Link 

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