30 March 2011

App Review: Self Image

With my new found interest in photography and having not yet bought the SLR Camera and lens of my choice, I find myself downloading more and more photography apps from the app store in the mean time. A few days ago I came across this really cool and really cheap application called "Self Image" by the team at Debacle Software. Now this application does not have numerous fancy features as most of the photography apps found in the app store boast. The app has merely 1 feature, however, this does not make this app obsolete at all since it's only feature is "Face Detection"

As you know the iPhone's camera is on the rear (unless you're using an iPhone4) which makes it pretty difficult to take a really cool photo of yourself or even a portrait of you and a friend. With the Face Detection feature built in to the app, taking self portraits are so much easier. The app has 3 settings; 1. A shot with just you. 2. A shot with you and a friend. 3. And a Self-Timer shot. Once your chosen your setting, turn the phone around and wait for the 3second countdown and done! Its really as simple and easy as that. All photos are automatically saved to your camera roll. 

Debacle Software are the same guys that brought the amazing panoramic photo application "PANO" which has won numerous awards since 2009, so based on that reputation you know you're getting a bargain at $0,99. I've added a link to the iTunes Store below where the app can be downloaded. Enjoy! 

Associated Link: Self Image Application

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