25 January 2011

Combining multiple Jpegs into one PDF using Preview

Ever had to complete and sign quite a number of documents and then scan them in only to have your outgoing mail filled with endless attatchments? I have this endless problem. So over the weekend I posted a tweet asking for a way to combine a number of jpegs into one PDF. So with the help of a few guys on Twitter and a quick search I managed to find a simple method to answer my question. The guys at Macworld recommend using Preview as the default application to do so. Ofcourse you could use Keynote from iWork or create your own Automator workflow, but I felt that Macworld's recommendation was surely the simplest.

So the first step is to select all the images and open them into one Preview window. Then click Edit->Select All. Once all the images have been highlighted in the side panel click File->Print Selection. In the Print dialogue box click the PDF button in the bottom left hand corner. Then select Save as PDF-X item. You'll be asked where to save the file and once this is done your PDF document is complete!

Having this simple feature embedded proves once again that Apple's OsX is with out a doubt the way forward!!!

Enjoy! :)

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