06 December 2010

My First Blog!!!

Wow! My first official blog! What to say and where to start? Well, im definately not going to give a whole background of who I am and where I come from, I think my profile does enough of that. I've wanted to start a blog for some time now but never really got around to doing it, but i guess there's no better time than the present right? So here I am now posting my first blog! So what's the this whole hype of blogging really about? An online diary? Online journal entries? Social networking? Well, I think most people post the 'interesting parts' of their lives worth talking about, worth sharing or worth remembering. But on the flip side, one individual's interesting event could very well be an absolute bore to another. So what does one do? I reckon try to keep things fresh, keep it updated, talk about 'whats happening now'??? in addition to whats happening in your own life. Oh well, things are always way easier said than done so lets rather see how it goes. As my profile shows, I'm an absolute freak about all Apple products, I just love everything about them. Their simplicity, their designs, their technology but most of all the fact that it 'just works' something Microsoft can take a lesson from. What I'm trying to say is that I love this product so much that I will be posting articles relating to the latest Apple developments, new products and reviews as well. So guys I'm gonna try to keep my content as fresh as possible. Another thing I love is traveling. I've traveled a little bit, not nearly as much as I'd like to but enough to know that I'm addicted to it. So other than Apple info, I'll try to keep you guys and gals updated on my travels and post as many pics as I can. I'm like a Chinese tourist with my camera when traveling (lol). Comments and suggestions would also be appreciated. And thats about it! My first post done! That wasn't so bad. Lets see where we go from here....

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